Paris (France)

Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. Paris was the second most expensive city in the world, after Singapore, and ahead of Zürich, Hong Kong, Oslo and Geneva. Visits Paris for the first time probably has the same punchlist of major attractions to hit: The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, etc. Just make sure you leave some time to wander the city’s grand boulevards and eat in as many cafes, bistros and brasseries as possible. And don&rsquo

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Milan (Italy)

Milan (Italian: Milano) is financially the second most important city in Italy. It has the most populous city proper in the country, but sits at the centre of Italy's largest urban and metropolitan area. While incorrectly not considered as beautiful as some Italian cities, having been partly destroyed by Second World War bomb raids, the city has rebuilt itself into a thriving cosmopolitan business capital. In essence, for a tourist, what makes Milan interesting compared t

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Switzerland's independence and neutrality have long been honored by the major European powers and Switzerland has not been involved in any military conflict since 1815. The political and economic integration of Europe over the past half century, as well as Switzerland's role in many UN and inteational organizations has strengthened Switzerland's ties with its neighbors. However, the country did not officially become a UN member until 2002. Switzerland remains active in many UN and

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Munich (Germany)

Munich is the capital and most populous city of Bavaria, the second most populous German federal state. With a population of around 1.5 million, it is the third-largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, and thus the largest which does not constitute its own state, as well as the 12th-largest city in the European Union. The city's metropolitan region is home to 6 million people. Straddling the banks of the River Isar (a tributary of the Danube) north of the Bavarian

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London (United Kingdom)

London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom.[7][8] Standing on the River Thames in the south-east of England, at the head of its 50-mile (80 km) estuary leading to the North Sea, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. Londinium was founded by the Romans.[9] The City of London, London's ancient core − an area of just 1.12 square miles (2.9 km2) and colloquially known as the Square Mile − retains boundaries that follow closely its medi

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Amsterdam (Netherland)

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city that invites tourists to look into its charm and history. There are many places to visit in Amsterdam and a vast variety of new things that can be tried out in the city. Often referred to as “Venice of the North” for the overwhelming number of canals here, it is a true delight for tourists of different ages coming from different parts of the world. It’s more than its popular

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Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfurt is known as the “Gateway to Europe" and travelers often only pass through, using it as a transit point to other major destination cities. More recently, however, Frankfurt has been going by a different moniker, which refers to the city’s emerging position as an exciting new destination on the Old Continent. Even though it only has 700,000 residents, Frankfurt is a remarkably diverse city —more than half of its residents are non-Germa

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Innsbruck (Austria)

Innsbruck, the “bridge over the River Inn”, is the capital of Austria’s Tyrol province. Surrounded by the craggy peaks of the Austrian Alps, it scores both as an Alpine activity centre and as a showcase for Habsburg Empire heritage. It has twice hosted the Winter Olympics and was one of the host cities in the 2008 European Football Championships. This beautiful alpine destination, with its historical buildings, breathtaking scenery and snow-capped mount

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