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Lucky 5 Group Tour to Cannes City via Paris


Europe Group Tours

Europe Group Tours is a fascination that everyone loves to explore, but only few chosen ones on the planet are awarded this opportunity. The group tours to Paris and Cannes City are mesmerizing, enriching and energy chargers. It is absolutely a great idea to plan out a group tour of the Europe, beginning from Paris, subsequently moving through the Cannes city. If you reside in Delhi, the capital of India, you can check out with reliable tour operator for the Europe tour to Paris. There are customized plans for Paris tour from India, and many of these tours are listed on great packages.

Cannes is quite easy to reach from Paris as there a few iDTGV trains running each day and the booking for the trains, most likely to start before 6 months. If traveling through an airplane, you can reach the Cannes city in approximately 0.77 hours. The Bus Station is located at Paris (Porte Maillot), and buses ply almost on daily basis.

Once you reach the Cannes, you have to approach a registered tour operator for Cannes City Tours. This might sound a wee bit difficult initially, but your search would connect you straight to the operator. He will also guide you the lucky five tourist attractions of Cannes city, which no one could ever afford to miss out. These are:

#1 – Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet – Held in the month of May, on the French Riviera, the Film Festival is where you are going to witness all the glitter and celebrity action. It is not surprising to see the finest actors from globe walking on the red carpet, amidst the glaring arch lights. Basically, the basic purpose of film festival was to vie the Venice Film Festival.

#2 – Notre-Dame de l’Espérance – This 16th century church portrays a sensitive and classic mixture of renaissance architecture, and an organ, installed in the year 1857. High on the altar stands the distinctive 17th century Madonna. The church was transformed into a hospital during the Second World War. It is also the venue of Suquet musical festival, held in the month of July. It is an extravagant summer event.

#3 – The Vieux Port, or the Port Cannes I – The port is strategically situated in vicinity of Gare Maritime (Marine Railway Station), constructed in the year 1957. To the port’s north is picturesque Allées de la Liberté, narrow ancient alleys with shady plane trees on either sides. Each morning, the flamboyant Marché aux Fleurs (Flower Market) comes to life.

#4 – La Californie – The place is blessed with artistry of diversified nature. Adding to this, are the gorgeous buildings and pulsating landscapes. The great and popular painter Picasso also lived for some time in La Californie.

#5 – Chapelle Bellini –The amazing Florentine-style villa is constructed in a stunning park. The chapel was purchased by the artist Emmanuel Bellini in the year of 1953 and later became prevalent as his atelier.

Visit the Cannes, city, and come close to the extravagant life style as well as European way of living. Beside, Cannes is the place where all the media and movies happen. The city has global panorama and a vivacious styling, all of it is imbued in glitterati.

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